What We’re Building

A New Community Well

We are fundraising and collaborating with the local government and our neighbors in Jamaica to build a new well at Irie Mountain Blessed. This well will bring the much needed resource of water to the surrounding Water Wheel community. The central location of our property and our intention to build a gathering place for the community makes it an ideal location for a water well.

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Read letters from the community about the need for water:

Jevaughn Walker

My name is Jevaughn Walker, I am 22 years old. I have been living in the Water Wheel community all the days of my life. Water Wheel community is a really great place its really peaceful. The only problem we have is water. We are in need of water in our community. Yours truly.

Ackeino Campbell

My name is Ackeino Campbell, I was born and grown in this community. We have to depend on rain fall or go to the river for water and I am a farmer so we would love to get some running water in our community.

Noel Richards

It has been 76 years since I, Noel Richards, was born in the community of Beggars view, Water Wheel District where I have been depending on solely rain water to supply my daily needs. It has been very cumbersome at times since rain in this district is seasonal. During the dry season we have to go without water for days. It would be a great pleasure to have running water in our peaceful little community.

Mr. Wilson

Good day my name is Mr. Wilson. This is a nice community and peaceful. All my life I’ve been living here and all we need is water. Water if life and so we all need it badly up here because the older people that live here they can’t carry water from all the way down the road on the other side of the hills. So I am asking please to help us all get water up here. Water is life.

Carmen Scott

My name is Carmen Scott. I have been here for 25 years and we have to depend on rain to supply us with water. I am a mother of 5 children.

Shantoy Ewart

My name is Shantoy Ewart I have been living in this community for 25 years. The source of water for our community comes from rain so therefore water has to be carried down from the flat to our separate homes.

Miss Hibbert

Good day, this community has been without water for many years. I am 25 years old. My family has lived here since I was a child and they normally get water from the river a good distance from where we live. Now the river is not in a good condition so the people of this community can not get water from it anymore. It would be really nice if we could get water so that each and every household would not have to worry about water anymore. Thank you for your consideration.

Deshaun Castle

My name is Deshaun Castle I’ve been living in this community for over 20 years. The water trouble here in this community has been really bad if it doesn’t rain we would have to walk to a river to carry water with baskets on our heads up the hill. Having a water source in the community would be much appreciated by everyone living here. Looking forward to the development.

Verona Billings-Sukau

My name is Verona Billings-Sukau, I have been living here for five years now but have been visiting ever since I was a child. The water troubles have been ever since I can remember and I am almost 30. Any help towards achieving this major development will be deeply appreciated.

Clementina Forrest

My name is Clementina Forrest I have been living here for the past 12 years with my whole family and not having water is a problem. I wish we could push towards it very soon if possible.

Daunette Thompson

My name is Daunette Thompson. My family of eight and I have been living in the community for 22 years but the greatest problem for me now is the water system. It would be one of the greatest wishes for me to see water in the area. It’s very hard when the time is dry and we have to go to the river to wash, shower and the rest so it would be really great to see running water in the area.

C. Smith

I’ve lived here all my life. Water is not in my community and I have to depend on rain water at all times or bring it on my head from the river.

Roots Marketplace

Find products made by local artisans, locally sourced natural products, and classes or tours you can sign up for on your next trip to Jamaica! This marketplace features the stories, services and goods offered by local experts and craftspeople.

Featured Artisan: Doctor Rasta’s Tea House

Owner Raphel Blake specializes in dried herbal teas and beaded jewelry. In Jamaica, Raphel’s nickname is “Doctor” because he knows how to find plants and herbs from the land that have healing properties. Ralphel enjoys making healthful teas and cooking good foods. The Rasta influence in this earthen work is apparent in the natural materials used and the vibrant colors; all chosen to bring joy and good vibes.

Click here to view and to order Doctor Rasta’s Tea!  

Raphel Blake, owner of Dr Rasta Tea House, holds bunches of plants
Seeds held in the palm of a hand

Building Something New

The Irie Mountain Blessed project is still in the seedling phase and we have a long way  to grow. We are working now with 5 acres where there are two buildings: one thatch roof original foundation and one natural cabin for guests. Our next building projects are to install a community well and fencing for our farm. The larger scale project is to expand Irie Mountain Blessed with more land dedicated to the enjoyment of nature and healing arts. Volunteers with some carpentry and building skills would be extremely helpful at this time so that we can build amenities for healing arts and creative education.

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Grand Tea-Gathering Adventure

Explore and enjoy the wilderness of nature! We will be traveling to Jamaica to collect and dry natural plants with the guidance of skilled herbalist, Raphel Blake. Volunteers with outdoor skills and an interest in natural plant medicine are encouraged to participate. Help us raise the necessary funds for travel expenses by supporting our Indiegogo campaign.

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