What We Offer

Our focus is on creating sustainable community S P A C E S

We are an exciting, vibrant, multicultural arts community and licensed therapeutic practice hosting social inclusion. We teach skills that promote our natural healing and renewal with the land.

Three boys form a human triangle

Participants develop whole body listening skills and express themselves creatively through life tasks such as harvesting of herbal medicine, cooking, painting, music and woodworking. We promote land stewardship, cherishing all natural materials.

At our location in Jamaica visitors can:

  • Take a tour of the farm or spend the day with a local artisan.
  • See the sunrise or sunset from a special mountain location.
  • Support local artisans at our Roots Market.
  • Go fishing in the ocean.
  • Learn how to forage and cook natural foods (tree-climbing demonstration included).
  • Make art or learn a new craft.
  • Go dancing or join a sports game.
  • Participate in prayer or storytelling.

There are opportunities for outdoor play, walking, hiking, climbing, sledding and snowshoeing in Vermont. Fresh water ponds, streams and vernal pools cool us off in the hot summer months. We look forward to the exuberant autumn colors and warmth as we boil syrup in our outdoor stone kitchen on crisp, cold winter days. The pace of each season supports each Phase, nurturing natural wellness. Come experience what it’s all about!

Vermont woodlands
Outdoor cooking area
Pots cooking food over the outdoor fire
Hiking through the colorful forest
A field surrounded by autumn trees
Wooden shelter and storage