Doctor Rasta Tea House

Greetings and welcome to Doctor Rasta’s Tea House.

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We feature dried medicinal herbal teas. All goods have been handcrafted at home in Vermont or Jamaica. In Jamaica, Raphel’s nickname is “Doctor” because he knows how to find the right plants and herbs, from the land, that have healing properties. Ralphel enjoys making healthful teas and cooking good foods. The Rasta influence in his earthen work is apparent in the natural ingredients sustainably hand picked and harvested; all chosen to bring joy and good vibes. Irie, means to be at peace with your full state of being.

In 2009 we began a dream to preserve and grow our organic farm and healing spaces, Irie Mountain Blessed. Our inclusive, international, multigenerational community, retreat Eco farm is a special place where the mountains meet the sea. A place to find Irie healing, blessings and learn about traditional Jamaican lineage! 

Doctor Rasta Raphel is a shaman, born into a lineage of traditional healers. He was taught at home by his father and mother who spoke gypsy language. He’s handing down his wisdom roots to his son. He knows plant medicine for purification and deep knowledge of soul transformation. Healing with Doctor Rasta is an experience of love on a soul level for those on an inner journey, expressing freedom. Feeling Raphel’s vibrations allows you to open to a new levels of awareness. His precious gifts come alive as he shares his intuitive ancestral knowledge. Raphel is here to listen to your life journey united as ONE Sacred Heart from the mountains of Jamaica.

Thank you for thinking of us and I hope we stay connected ~ Blessings, Raphel

Our Jamaican Tea House