Doctor Rasta’s Teas

Placing orders: We list our teas alphabetically by name with a description of each tea and how it is used. Each order includes approximately 3 oz of dried tea. 

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Boiling teas: Our teas are boiled in hot water on a stove.

1.) Place a palmful of dried tea leaves into a pot with 1 cup of water.

2.) After water has boiled for 1 minute, strain the water immediately. 

3.) Save boiled leaves to use up to 3 times to make more cups of tea. 

Storage: Our teas may be stored in a dry, cool environment with a shelf life for up to 3 – 4 years. 

Disclaimer: All herbs and spices listed are sold for medical and household use only, again we advice that before using any HERBS for medical purposes, please consult your physician.

Tea Listings: Our teas are listed below alphabetically. Note: Special bulk orders may be available to repeat customers, preordering in advance.  

Ackee leaves are used to make a tea for colds, flu.asthma and mucus congestion. The tea can also be mixed with salt and used as a mouthwash for pyorrhoea and gum problems.

Aloe – Aloe, one of the world’s most widely used medicine plants has more of a reputation for external use for burns and wounds, but it can also be consumed in various forms for healing benefits.  The gel can be eaten or juiced & drunk to provide immune and digestive support.  It can also be used topically on skin conditions resulting from a compromised immune system.

Bissy nuts are used in Jamaica for stomach pains and as a purge when poison is suspected. The nuts are grated and boiled like coffee or taken with strong rum. A little cola is sometimes added to country chocolate and it is considered to allay hunger. The nut is chewed to promote digestion, is considered to be a tonic, stimulating and antiperiodic, and is also used in dysentery. 

Black jointer is a rooted herb with fleshy leaves and is used to treat ailments such as fatigue, flatulence, and abdominal pain. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are also possessed by this herb.

This magic herb is effective in treating stomach and gastric issues, gout, hemorrhages, renal disorder, and rheumatic joint pain. A juice extract from the plant is also believed to lower cholesterol and treat skin diseases like acne and boils. The roots of this herb are used to treat fever. A herbal bath containing Black jointer will eliminate aches and pains, induce peaceful sleep, and relieve depression.  Due to some of its culinary uses, it can be a substitute for commercial pepper.

Breadfruit leaves are very effective for treating diseases such as inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), spleen enlargement, coronary heart disease, inflammation of the kidneys, high blood pressure, and diabetes, because it contains flavonoids.

Chaney root is found in the deep woodlands of Jamaica, this roots is used by persons, both young and old as a Tonic and to help with several illnesses including; impotency , cleansing the blood, rheumatism and arthritis, neutralizing acids, skin conditions and fatigue. The Chaney Root is also said to be packed with Iron and promotes excellent physical strength. The root can also be boiled with other herbs including Sarsaparilla, red hibiscus flowers and even Garlic.

Cerasee is very bitter and purifies the blood. This tea which is made from the vine is good for diabetes, worms, high blood pressure, dysentery as well as malaria. in some cases it is also effective for low blood pressure. Children can also drink this tea which will relieve colds and fevers as well as constipation. Cerasee is classed as one of the bitter herbs. The tea is also used as a bath which is good for all joint ailments, known to settle the nerves and alleviate pains as well as fatigue. The tea can do a great job of this including the healing of sore muscles at the same time.

Chigga nit leaves are widely used in traditional medicines and rituals, from curing rashes and diarrhea, to medicinal teas, steam baths, and to stop bleeding and cover bruises.

Cowfoot herb is anti-inflammatory and powerful analgesic properties. It shows curative effects in ailments like muscle spasms, stomach pain, reduces the growth of cancer cells, lowers blood cholesterol level, and works as an antioxidant. The leaves of the Cow-Foot plant are commonly used as a remedy for pain and inflammation. These are therefore effective in treating headaches and relieving joint pain. The leaves are also applied in abscesses (Painful pus caused by bacteria). Conjunctivitis (inflammation of eye) can be treated by applying leaf juice to the eyes. Tapeworm infections can also be treated with Cow-Foot Leaf. The tea of Cow-foot leaves is drunk after each meal to balance blood sugar level. Because of its bactericidal and anti-oxidant properties, it can also treat acne and slow the signs of aging.

Cocoa beans are approximately 10% Criollo and 80% Theobromo is great for cardiovascular health. Cacao is also renowned for releasing dopamine and endorphins in the body, which soothe symptoms of PMS as well as depression, by boosting our mood. Plus, it helps to balance blood sugar levels, and create more blood flow to the brain — helping to strengthen awareness and focus. It’s also naturally packed with caffeine, which acts as a burst of energy, and is said to enhance creativity, as well as deep meditation. 

Dandelion is used for medicinal purposes for generation for the treatment of diuretic (remove excess water from your body), colds, back pain, kidney and bladder problems, as a liver tonic and for shortness of breath. The leaves are used to treat eczema and other skin disorders and to treat ringworm, some other use for the Jamaican Dandelion is a diuretic, used for hemorrhoids, gout, rheumatism, diabetes.

Devil’s horsewhip leaves and roots are made into a tea for infants with colic and colds and for under-nourished children. fever, coughs, nausea, pains in the chest and as a diuretic

Dog blood is use for cleaning of block tube, infertility or any womb related problem, the herb is also use for menstruation flow problem.

Donkey Weed is used for arthritis. It is also used for the treatment of fever, dizziness, and kidney problems. The Sap of the donkey weed can also be used for skin problems, such as moles and warts. 

Fitweed scent is very strongly similar to cilantro and it helps with dizziness, vertigo and muscle tics.

Jack in bush is good for treating colds, coughs, bronchitis and asthma, fevers and the flu.

Jackie Saddle acts as a stimulant and is especially good for constipation, also on the urinary organs; useful in relaxing conditions for pain, asthma, given in combination with aperients to facilitate their action, and to prevent griping. As a gargle it is valued for cleaning the mouth & tongue On account of its stimulant action it aids digestion and it will correct flatulence and nausea. It has also been used in vertigo, paralytic and arthritic disorders. 

King of the Forest – This herb cleanses and promotes healthy functioning of the liver, which is essential for immune system health.  It also has anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties that can be utilized against some of the opportunistic infections.  It is a great herb to use for hepatitis, liver cancers, and some of the skin conditions that are often associated with AIDS.

Lemon grass is for fevers, vomiting and diarrhea, colic, flatulence, disordered menstruation. Lemon grass tea is excellent for migraine headaches.

Medina is a herb used in many tonics. It is said to be a great herb for men’s sex health.This herb is also said to be a blood thinner.

Mint tea is cooling. It’s good for digestion and stomach aches.

Moringa – This is a powerful nutritive plant that also has many healing benefits (too many to name).  With many anti-inflammatory & antioxidant compounds, immune-boosting nutrients, and complete protein, this is an excellent regenerative for physical weakness, low energy, and the mental cloudiness that can accompany these conditions.  The leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, and roots can all be utilized, each having its unique characteristic benefits.

Never Die-Leaf of life is packed with nutritional and minerals, also contains malic acid, magnesium, calcium oxalate, formic acid, tannic acid, vitamin C and A, glycosides bryophyllinthe. These vitamins supplement the body with the proper nutrition that aids in repairing the body’s cells and improves eyesight/eye disorders,  strengthens circulation, slows down the aches and pains associated with aging, treats infertility issues, and increases stamina. It has been reported to support strong teeth and bones, controls blood pressure and cholesterol, lowers the risk of asthma, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

Pimento tea is useful in treating high blood sugar, bacterial infections and fungal infections, rheumatism, amenorrhea, and colic. A tea made of the leaves will also keep the body warm, purify the stomach, aid digestion, relieve gas and stop vomiting. Pimento leaves held in the mouth will decrease the urge for cigarettes. 

Ram Goat Regular has a stimulating effect on libido, and is used as an aphrodisiac, a mild diuretic and tonic for nervous depression and poor appetite.

Red cold bush gives quick relief from the symptoms of the common cold, fatigue, loss of appetite, sore throat.

Sorrel is high in Vitamins and Minerals with powerful antioxidant properties. It helps lower elevated blood pressure, bad cholesterol and detoxify the entire body with protection against free radicals, molecules which cause heart disease, stroke, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, premature aging and cancer. Sorrel also helps flush the prostate and maintains the proper functioning of the liver, kidney and bladder. As a preventative measure in heart diseases it is a good habit to consume sorrel water daily to decrease the risk of heart disease. It helps to prevent the clogging of arteries resulting from excessive levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Sorrel has also been recognized for its diuretic properties and as an aid to weight loss.

Search me heart is good for the heart, kidney, asthma, mucous congestion, and common colds.

Soursop is not only a delicious and healthy fruit but it is use medicinally to treat illness ranging from stomach ailments to worms, lice, skin, liver aliments, gall bladder stones, rheumatiism, inflammation.

Strong Back herbal tea may be consumed daily to bring relief from back aches while at the same time strengthen the back muscles. The tonic also serves to improve the body’s energy levels, build stamina and bring much needed relief from impotency. Although the root is well known for its ability to improve the sexual performance in both sexes, there are a number of other ailments that Strong Back is used to combat. These include muscle soreness, asthma, rheumatism and bronchitis. Strong Back is also used to purge the blood and has been known to aid with the treatment of kidney and pulmonary problems. Women may also use a combination of Strong Back and Marigold to bring relief to menstrual pain.

Trumpet leaf is use for the treatment of bronchitis, hypertension, Obesity, bacterial infection, Respiratory disorders and diabetes. The leaves is also used to Management of liver conditions, Anti-inflammatory activity, Management of cardiac conditions and hypertension, Kidney conditions, Treatment of diabetes mellitus, Treatment of asthma and cold flu and the Management of Parkinson’s diseases.

Turmeric – The positives of turmeric are numerous to begin with, but in this case, one of the biggest effects that it has is that it has the potential to inhibit HIV from bonding with human DNA.  It also can slow the replication of HIV, stimulate the immune system, and is protective from cellular damage.

Vervine  enhances the liver function and treats poor appetite and sluggish digestive performance, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety as well as enhance sweating and invigorate the immune system during fevers. The herb’s aerial parts are most effective for their therapeutic properties and they are taken as infusion and tincture. Externally, they are also applied as poultice and ointments. They also form an effectual mouthwash. Many herbalists also recommend to sip the vervain infusion with a view to stimulate muscle contraction during labor and help to increase lactation in the post-natal scenario.