Here are some great ways you and your friends and family can participate and help us to build the well!

  • Send children’s balls, sneakers, backpacks, and new clothing.  Gather together with community sponsors and local businesses to ship a barrel of goods. Contact Turner’s Express 1 (973) 943-1960
  • Volunteer your time. You can request funds to support your own travel expenses as a volunteer participant. Let your friends and family know about IMB and ask them to make small sized donations to PayPal to fund your own travel expenses or another participants. This also helps our team support IMB’s social media and volunteers’ website coordination.
  • There are 3 ways to send donations. 1.) PayPay or credit card 2.) A World Remit international wire transfer to National Commercial bank 3.) By check to Laughing Waters, 501C3 at the address below.

1.) Click the link below for PayPal and Credit Cards 

2.) Click the link below to use World Remit to wire donations directly to National Commercial Bank, Jamaica. Email to request the necessary account information details.

3.) Send tax deductible donations. Please share the details for our project with large donors: Laughing Waters, 501C3 sponsoring the “evolution of education and healing”. Mail a check or money order referencing the Well to Contact Agent: David Shelper, P. O. Box 302, E. Randolph, VT, 05041 Email:

Remember to share our email with others who want to be added to our IMB mailing list for annual appeals and volunteer events. cc:

Your generosity will be received with deep heart felt gratitude from the Water Wheel Community. We are honored and will assist you if you have any questions.

Click here to make an electronic funds wire transfer directly to our Jamaican Community Well bank account!

Click here to donate using PayPal or Credit Card via Therapeutic Dimensions, Professional Association.